Music to our Ears

"Music To Our Ears"

“I’m a composer. I happen to be a woman and that’s one thing, but I’m not a woman composer. I’m a composer. I’m an artist first.  That drives my life.”  Violet Archer, 1913-2000 (Music Dept – Dalhousie University)

Inspired by the Montreal-born composer Violet Archer, this painting, "Music To Our Ears" is dedicated to all women who pursue their passion and natural talents.

Violet Archer filled her life with composing, performing and teaching other to share their musical gifts.  National pride was reflected in her compositions as she drew on pure Canadian inspirations such as Inuit folklore, northern weather, and Maritime folk songs.  "Music to Our Ears" is a visual interpretation of "Evocation" - a piece Archer created for piano and full orchestra, inspired by native melodies.  The instruments are surrounded by violets indigenous to Canada.

It is an overwhelming personal commitment for a woman to focus her energies on a single purpose.  It is with great admiration that this painting honours all who have taken that risk.

This image was created by Larisa as part of the "Celebrating Women" collection in 2004; honouring the accomplishments of Canadian Women.

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