Workshops - Courses - Artist in Residence

Workshops - Courses - Artist in Residence

Pouring Paint Workshop
Learn the basics of Pouring Paint technique with watercolours
Instructor: Larisa Sembaliuk-Cheladyn
 December 4 6:00 to 8:30 p.m. & December 5 9:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.
 Pre-Register By: November 27, 2015
Location: ACUA Gallery & Artisan Boutique, 9534 - 87 Street 

In this workshop participants will be introduced to the poured paint technique for creatingwatercolour paintings. This method is similar to Batik and writing a pysanka – we willwork in stages whereby areas are blocked out before pouring each colour of paint on thepaper. Friday evening will be spent exploring the process and starting 2 small studies.The process will continue on Saturday. While waiting for paint to dry between colours,the class will also experiment with various other techniques and watercolour tips.

 Eachparticipant will complete a finished framed piece that they can take home or add to thedisplay wall in the gallery. Basic supplies are included in the fee but you can always bringyour own.

Suggested supplies: watercolour paints (from a tube), watercolour paper,Masking Fluid, an old small paintbrush for the masking fluid, a couple of regular paintbrushes (1 small, 1 med), masking tape.
Optional: a spray bottle for water.

 Bring alunch on Saturday.
 Registration Fee Members: $100
 Registration Fee Non-Members: $110
 Register Now! Call 780.488.8558 or email

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Children's Workshops

Parents and Teachers can book children's workshops by contacting Larisa:

Please indicate which of the following lesson plans you would be interested in:

A. Working with Watercolours

  • Students learn the basics of watercolours
  • Projects are completed in either a 1/2 day or over two 1/2 days
  • Compliments the arts curriculum

B. How to Illustrate you own Story

  • Students learn how to plan and create illustrations for their own stories, poems and essays
  • Compliments the Arts and Language Arts curriculum

C. Create your own Art Lesson Plan using watercolours

  • Teachers/Parents work together with Larisa to create projects that meet the needs of the students
  • Special needs students can be accommodated


Artist in Residence

Upcoming "Artist in Residence" schedule:

Larisa is currently taking bookings for the 2010/11 school year

 To book Larisa for workshops or Artist in Residency programs please call her directly at 780.479.2813 or email