Leonard Cohen Series

Dance Me...Inspired by Leonard Cohen

"...a different stylistic approach allowed [Larisa] to address the esoteric reality of Cohen’s at times deeply mystic mytho-poetic output. “As opposed to my more commercial watercolour work, I decided to create work that I was moved to create by the music, the poetry and the processes ..." Edmonton Journal

The invitation to feature my work at the 2008 International Leonard Cohen Event was the catalyst that brought paintings, poetry, music, dance, film and animation together. A total of 8 original watercolour paintings were created; 5 of which went on to have lives of their own.

I was given the opportunity to assemble a creative team of choreographers, dancers and technicians that made my paintings come alive. Leonard Cohen's work is so moving, and so passionate, it touches us all on many levels - the emotional, physical, intellectual... The intent of the Dance Me... exhibit and performance is to share with the audience how we feel, what we see and how we move when experiencing Cohen's work. ~ Larisa

A video of the interpretation of "Famous Blue Raincoat can be viewed here:

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