Fabric of a Nation

Fabric of a Nation
by Larisa Sembaliuk Cheladyn

Inspired by the rich ethnic diversity of Canadian women, this image "Fabric of a Nation"
is a tribute to their contributions to the social fabric of our nation.
Canadian women come from diverse backgrounds and women are most often
the day-to-day guardians of their cultural traditions.  Their clothing is often a statement
of cultural as well as personal pride.  Each is identifiable as an individual,
yet collectively they represent on large country.

Now Available as a Limited Edition Reproduction.

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About the Artist

     As a painter, Larisa’s preferred medium is water colour. The bold and colourful work she produces,
demonstrates a unique artistic style that has enabled her to enjoy a busy professional life. 
She dedicates herself to creating commissioned works as well as producing theme based collections.

The impact of Larisa’s art has reached deeply into the community. Dramatic imagery, combining
reflections of relevant historical moments, environmental beauty and sensitivity,
cultural influences and identities with poignant social statements, has brought her
international attention and acclaim.  Her works can be found in collections across Canada,
 throughout South America, Australia and Europe.