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My Amautik
Original Watercolour Painting

Celebrating Women Collection

“The Amautik had the strangest effect on me: it was like finding a part of myself I never knew existed.  It felt sacred, majestic.  In it I saw a woman's patience, energy, ingenuity.  I felt such pride, respect, and love and inspiration.” - Caroline Palliser of Inukjuaq

The Amautik or “mother's parka” is a symbol of a woman's responsibility within Inuit society - to regenerate life and perpetuate the culture. The design combines the functional, symbolic and spiritual elements of a woman's life.  The amautik also identifies a woman's maturity, geographical region, the season, and beliefs.

 Though both men and women wear parkas, it is the amautik that is specifically adapted to a woman's unique role in society.  Incorporated into its design is a large hood and roomy pouch for carrying a baby, and a distinctive front flap that can serve as an apron.

 Each Arctic region has its own distinctive styling. Inuit designs combine plant and floral motifs with geometric patterns. The design of the garment directly parallels the actual locations of the fur parts on the caribou.  The decorative motifs have ancient roots  passed down from the ancestors. 

 *  The composition for My Amautik was inspired by the rich colours and patterning of textile artist of Marion Tuu'luuq and by seeing various Amautik created by women from Yukon, North West Territories, Nunavut and Labrador.

Image Size: 42"h x 32.5"w
Framed Size: 54"h x 44.5"w

Painted on 300lb Arches Watercolour Paper
Floated, Matted and Framed

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