The Mosquito's Wedding

The Mosquito's Wedding is a humorous folk song about a mosquito and a fly. Their wedding attracts many costumed guests who take part in a traditional celebration with Ukrainian food, music, and customs. Soon after, however, the young couple discover that neither of them cares to cook or do housework. The Mosquito flies off to spend the night in an oak tree. Unfortunately, a big storm blows him to the ground and shatters all his bones. At his funeral there is much grieving but we are mindful that this is just an amusing story and we enjoy its imagination and humor.

Ideal for classroom discussion and drama productions.

  • Bold-face type in both Ukrainian and English makes it an easy read-and-sing-along book for children of all ages.
  • Price: $15
  • Complete With Bilingual CD & Sheet Music 
  • Song available on music CD  - Sing-a-Long Adventures
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