Tour of Ukraine

Hey Everyone!

I’ve got News!!

In September I am hosting an Art Tour of Ukraine – September 16-29, 2020

My father was an art collector so I grew up surrounded by works from all over the work. As a visual artist with a Ukrainian heritage I was very intrigued by our paintings from Kyiv, Lviv, and Ivano Frankivsk. Plus the Sembaliuk side of my family is from the same village as William Kurelek’s family and they settled in central Alberta just a few miles from each other – making a very strong connection between my background and the creative artistic energy that resonates from my Ukrainian roots.

I am now extremely excited to announce that I travelling back to Ukraine to make a fine art tour of art galleries, museums, artist studios, and a special tour of William Kurelek’s home village of Borivtsi. We are also invited to take classes with local artists, and I will also host a couple of outdoor art classes in the villages.

Interested in joining me? Come enjoy the autumn colours!

I have partnered with Cobblestone Freeway Tours to organize the itinerary and travel details. For more information call: 1-855-787-7482 or online at